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Public Speaking

If you are interested in having Susan speak at your event, you can be assured of a relevant, tailored, value adding presentation. Please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment below or directly – my contact details are available by clicking here.

Upcoming Events:

  • Theme: “Emerging from the Boom”
    (Keynote speaker at Dept of Education Economics Conference)
  • Theme: “Surmounting the Barriers to Entrepreneurship”(Primary speaker at Dublin Chamber of Commerce event
  • Theme: “Understanding Financial Markets”
    (Sole speaker at Irish Times Training)
  • Theme: “Bringing Economics to Life”
    (Presentation at St. Patrick’s College, Gardiners’ Hill, Cork)

Previous Events:

  • Theme: “An Introduction to the Stock Market”
    (Co-speaker at Irish Grasslands Conference)
  • Theme: “Investing on a Student’s Budget”
    (Sole speaker at Business Society, NUI Galway)
  • Theme: “Women Talking to Women… About Money”
    (Sole Speaker at Irish Moms, Dundalk)
  • Theme: “Exchange Traded Funds, the Fastest Growing Financial Product in the World”
    (Guest Lecture for BSc Financial Maths & Economics, NUI Galway)