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Option Trading Ireland  offers an online mentoring service whereby we “meet” you online.  We use technology that allows us to take control of the screen of the trainee and our voice to travel right into your home or office. The mentoring service is given by a professional in the industry.

Do you want to grow and protect your wealth?
The mentoring service cater’s for the novice to the experienced investor or the person wanting to get a education in the stock market/financial markets from an experienced investor and educator.

Online Mentoring Training Modules

  1. Online Trading – Opening an Low Cost Options trading account
  2. Learn how to get started in options trading
  3. Options Market Terminology
  4. What drives options pricing?
  5. Generating an income from cash with options
  6. Generating an income from existing holdings with options
  7. Using options to capture upside of a stock
  8. Using options to protect from the downside of a stock
  9. Using options on Exchange Traded Funds
  10. The life of an option
  11. Placing the trade – what do I need to know
  12. From placing the order to expiry – the life of an option

The Cost:

30 minutes:                       €45
2 hours:                             €150

Online 30 Minute Mentoring for 30 Minutes

Online 2 Hour Mentoring Service