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Welcome to Options Trading Ireland

Take a look at our new online mentoring service conducted from the comfort of your own home or office

Options trading is a technique which enables you to generate an income from cash as well as a portfolio of stocks and it also provides me with a means to garner a discount on shares that you would like to buy. Susan Hayes, “The Positive Economist” is my name and I have been using this method to create impressive returns from the stock market, no matter what type of direction the market chooses to take.

Why did we set up Options Trading Ireland

We (Ardle Culleton, my colleague and I) saw an immense gap in the market for step-by-step, tailored training in proven option trading strategies delivered by an experienced, successful investor.

In order to attend a high quality course focused specifically on options, people generally find that they have to leave Irish shores or wait a long time to see one of note appear on their doorstep. We believe that this no longer has to be the case.

Susan provides one-to-one mentoring in a location that is suitable for you and we also hold Courses all over the country subject to demand. In addition, this web site is available to you at home, abroad and on-the-go so that we can keep you posted on developments and you can ask any questions that you may have… without needing an international dial tone.

What is on offer at Options Trading Ireland

People have varying experience, financial support, time and interest in options and we understand that completely. As a result, the services we offer are tailored to you, the client.

If you are a beginner who has heard about options and think they are worth investigating, you can avail of a specialised Mentoring.

If you are experienced in the options market and would like to bounce your strategy off an options expert and learn some new approaches, you can avail a Mentoring.

If you are working in the Financial Services Industry and want to learn the technical aspects of options and the wider Financial Markets, you can avail of a course dedicated specifically to that.

Susan does a lot of media commentary on the options market, but also on the wider issues of the economy, stock market and banking. If you are seeking a knowldegeable contribution  for your show or column, please leave a message in the box below.

Finally, if you are looking for an expert, entertaining and value adding speaker on the economy or the stock market, please leave a message in the box below with some details of the event that you are organising.

What attractions do trading options offer?

There are many reasons that we like to use options including;

  • We want to be proactive about our portfolio – instead of just waiting for the market to increase over time, we want to create our own dividends as we go along.
  • We, like every investor, don’t like the feeling of selling a stock. Options expire at the “strike” date. As a result, if you can look at the issues on the table when engaging at the beginning of the contract, the selling decision looks after itself naturally.
  • Options are a fantastic “risk managing mechanism”, which leads to the next question…

Is options trading more or less risky than the market itself?

If you buy a stock, you are exposed to the movements up and down on a daily basis, but you don’t crystallize a gain nor suffer a loss until you sell. With options, you also are exposed to the underlying stock and its movements on a daily basis, but you can manage your risk much more effectively. You can bring in as much or as little risk into the equation, but if you choose to operate in the options market, you can’t eliminate risk altogether. Personally, we choose relatively little risk that can still generate a generous return in a given period, but we can show you how to incorporate as much risk as you like.